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Fun Songs that Kids LOVE to Play!


Learning The Piano Has To Be Fun!

Let’s face it, if kids are not playing fun stuff at the piano, they’re much more likely to want to quit.Our HomeSchoolPiano songs have been designed to teach students a wide range of styles including classical, jazz, blues and latin.

This diverse collection of musical genres allows for new learning opportunities. For example, when learning a blues song, you might decide to learn about blues musicians like Otis Spann, Robert Johnson and Bessie Smith.

Our Students (and Moms) Say…


It’s an excellent program all around. it encourages creative thought by teaching how to read music and create your own music. It also helps train your ear, encourages improvisation, and at the same time is full of musical theory that is needed to be able to read and play music at all levels. Practical, simple and engaging…What a winner!!

Jennifer, A “Peace” of Mind new-win

What makes HomeSchoolPiano unique for us is the instructor, Willie. He obviously enjoys music, and his enthusiasm is contagious. He isn’t a dry instructor that comes across as a drill sergeant. He loves music and wants to inspire others to “unlock the pianist within.”

Sara, A Mama’s Story new-win

I am loving HomeSchoolPiano! I love the encouragement to have fun and be creative, and the broad base of skills being taught.

Kym, Homeschool Coffee Break new-win

Seriously, this is a keeper. When you compare the price of this to individual lessons, the price can’t be beat.

Audra, Simply Audra Marie

The “portability” of these lessons has been one of my favorite things.

Lynn, This Day Has Great Potential  new-win

HomeSchoolPiano has given me the ability to learn piano comfortably.  I found HomeSchoolPiano to be a top-notch piano learning program for children and adults.

Patricia, Raising a Self Reliant Child new-win

HomeSchoolPiano Structure

Each level is divided into 6 units. Each unit contains a lesson on:

  1. Technique – you’ll learn how to play faster and more accurately
  2. Rhythm – think you have bad rhythm? You won’t after these lessons!
  3. Ear Training – train your ear to hear melodies, rhythms and chords with ease
  4. Reading – learn how to read music faster and learn how to create your own accompaniments using techniques I’ve learned from years of training
  5. Song – learn to play really fun songs that are catchy and turn heads
  6. Improvisation – unlock your creative side and create your own music
  7. Bonus – each unit includes an extra bonus section for students to learn advanced techniques. This is particularly useful for advanced students

Is This the Right Program For You?

This program is NOT FOR YOU if…

  1. you believe you can become a REAL pianist within an hour
  2. you think you’ll learn piano by letting this program sit on your shelf
  3. you only want to learn scales and exercises…never songs or improvisation

Anything that’s going to be successful requires work. You will learn some cool stuff within the first hour, but it usually takes students 18+ months to go through the complete program.

Lifetime, Unlimited Online Access!

As a member of HomeSchoolPiano you enjoy unlimited online access to all of the sheet music along with 18 DVDs of content…over 20 hours of streaming lessons!

You also have the ability to track up to 5 students progress individually along with quiz scores. Students accounts must be part of the same household.

How does this program work?

You begin with CorePiano™, a collection over over 30 lessons that teach you piano essentials. These lessons are created with the beginner in mind. If you are brand new to the piano or coming back after a break, these lessons will help you succeed at the instrument.

Next, you move on to Book 1 which is designed for the absolute beginner to the piano, featuring six original pieces that are fun to play and practice. You’ll learn how to read music, improvise and create your own music. Each unit improves your piano skills with graded quizzes.

Book 2 continues where Book 1 left off, working through rhythm, technique, music reading, songs and improvisation. If you have some piano training under your belt, Book 2 is a great place to improve your skills.

Book 3 is where you’ll learn how to create rich piano arrangements. By incorporating original pieces in a variety of musical styles, Book 3 helps you become a well-rounded pianist, ready for the next challenge.

Convenience, Cost & Benefits

Better than private piano lessons because you see every note!Private piano lessons can get expensive. On average, it costs $99 per-month for private piano lessons. HomeSchoolPiano gives you 2-3 years of video-based lessons which would cost upwards of $2,376 with a private teacher. Multiply this by more than one student per household and it can be costly.

We are strong supporters of private piano teachers. However, we know that the time and cost involved with private instruction does not always fit into a family’s budget. HomeSchoolPiano gives you the freedom to learn at any time of day or night from the comfort of your home. Best of all, you get to go at your own pace.

Often students feel embarrassed or nervous playing in front of their teacher. Our lessons remove this barrier to learning by making the lessons fun and engaging without being stressful. Need to see something played for the 100th time? No problem, just rewind and play it again!

Our virtual keyboard makes seeing what is being played a snap. You will see every single note played light up along with the note name right above the piano keyboard.

Are You This Student?

I love teaching and anyone who has seen my lessons will know that I have a passion for teaching. Our mission is to Bring Art and Beauty Into the World Through Music One Student at a Time.

I’ve learned over the years to be clear about the kind of student I am looking for when it comes to my piano programs. I want you to be successful so I need to be sure that this program is right for you.

This is the program for you if:

  1. You want to learn how to find your creative voice at the piano
  2. You want to play songs at the piano…not just exercises
  3. You want to improve your rhythm
  4. You want to learn how to read music
  5. You want to tap into your creative side and create your own melodies

If terms like voice-leading, dotted-quarter notes, syncopation, clefs, diatonic, licks, chord symbols, triads, or major scales seem daunting to you…this is the program for you!

If you are willing to work at this material for 3-5 days per week, for about 30-minutes each day, you will see massive results within the first 30 days.

You can’t let this program sit on the shelf and think you’ll see results. You need to take action to get the most out of these lessons.

If you’re willing to work at this, then I really want you to get this program because your transformation at the piano will be incredible. Warning: you will be hooked and spend more time at the piano than ever before!

Within 30 days you will know how to play a song, how to improvise and be well on your way to becoming more creative not only at the piano…but in other areas of your life as well!

Purchase for $299 (now only $249…you save $50) along with all bonus material

Fast-Action Bonuses

Bonus #1 - CorePiano™

Over 2 hours of lessons designed especially for the beginner to the piano. If this is your first learning experience at the piano…CorePiano is for you!


Bonus #2 - All Videos Can Be Downloaded

You can download every video file to keep for your own offline use. This is especially useful for those times when you know you will not have internet access (i.e. while travelling). This also allows you to create your own DVDs to archive the lessons.

Value: $359.10 INCLUDED AT NO COST

Bonus #3 - Jam Track CD

In this downloadable audio CD, we’ve assembled several drum tracks to make your practice routine more enjoyable. Sit down and play along with the band. This is a great way to improve your rhythm too!


These bonuses are valued at over $478. All three bonuses are included at no extra charge.

Would You Like FULL Access To ALL Lessons?

Purchase for $299 (now only $249…you save $50) along with all bonus material

I wanted to share a brief glimpse into our life from earlier this week. Emily was done doing the dishes and decided to sit down and play the piano for a few minutes before dinner. (She is now almost 17, & had never had formal lessons before HomeSchoolPiano.) She sat down and started playing Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” that she had found the sheet music for in the book that came with our keyboard. My husband walked by, realized she was playing it herself (not listening to the keyboard play it,) and walked over to me w/ a tear in his eye and whispered “She’s playing with both hands!” I whispered back ” I know, isn’t it wonderful?”

Thanks again for such a great program!

“No Brainer” Piano Lessons

As you can see the bonuses add up to more than online access alone! If you’re a beginning pianist and you want to learn the piano…this is the package for you.

I really wish I had access to these lessons 35 years ago. It would have made learning improvisation, reading music and composition a lot easier LOL!

The online system has been designed to allow up to 5 students per account, so your entire family can learn to play the piano. Watch the video.

The online quizzes make it easy to track your progress and having all of the sheet music printed in a beautiful binder makes it super easy to pick up right where you left off.

Complete Beginner Piano Program Includes:

Learn the piano at home with homeschool piano's complete piano system for kids and adults

  1. All Online Access benefits (unlimited, lifetime access to
  2. Tracking and quizzes for up to 5 students
  3. Unlimited lesson streaming to any device
  4. Unlimited music downloads
  5. Unlimited lesson video downloads
  6. Jam Track CD (download version)

Once you purchase HomeSchoolPiano, you own it forever – no monthly commitment or recurring charges (this is not a subscription!)

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My Guarantee To You

The only way for you to tap into your piano greatness is if you are excited and energized to play the piano. So, if you need any help, contact us at 401-331-0000 or via email at and we are here to help you!

If you have been putting off learning the piano or you’ve been looking for that system that will really unlock the music within, I encourage you to take a look at HomeSchoolPiano.

This program is for anyone who wants to be successful at the piano. Kids…or adults!



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