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I have to tell you that after some 3 weeks of following these home school piano lessons I think I have learned more than 6 years of personalized piano lessons. Truth be told I think I practiced more in the last three weeks than I did my last year of piano lessons. No disrespect to Felix Mendelssohn or Beethoven I prefer jazz and the blues.

Ric, student since 2014

It’s an excellent program all around. it encourages creative thought by teaching how to read music and create your own music. It also helps train your ear, encourages improvisation, and at the same time is full of musical theory that is needed to be able to read and play music at all levels. Practical, simple and engaging…What a winner!!

Jennifer, A “Peace” of Mind

What makes HomeSchoolPiano unique for us is the instructor, Willie. He obviously enjoys music, and his enthusiasm is contagious. He isn’t a dry instructor that comes across as a drill sergeant. He loves music and wants to inspire others to “unlock the pianist within.”

Sara, A Mama’s Story

I am loving HomeSchoolPiano! I love the encouragement to have fun and be creative, and the broad base of skills being taught.

Kym, Homeschool Coffee Break

Seriously, this is a keeper. When you compare the price of this to individual lessons, the price can’t be beat.

Audra, Simply Audra Marie

The “portability” of these lessons has been one of my favorite things.

Lynn, This Day Has Great Potential 

HomeSchoolPiano has given me the ability to learn piano comfortably.  I found HomeSchoolPiano to be a top-notch piano learning program for children and adults.

Patricia, Raising a Self Reliant Child

Anywhere you have internet access — a laptop, a tablet, even a smartphone! — and a piano or keyboard, you can have piano lessons.

Meg, Adventures with Jude

I am extremely impressed with the quality of the lessons, the easy-to-use website, and the way that music is made simple and fun to learn.

Lisa Marie, The Canadian Homeschooler

Willie has an engaging personality in the videos, and he speaks directly to the student as if they’re sitting right there with him.

Beth, Acorn Hill Academy

One of the things I really appreciated about this program is that it is VERY SIMPLE. You know exactly where to go and what to click on…you don’t get lost in a bunch of fancy computer program stuff.

Dawn, Guiding Light Homeschool

As your child develops a strong foundation and technique for playing the piano, they’re also allowed to express themselves creatively and build their skill and confidence as artists at the same time.

Rebecca, Raventhreads

An inexpensive,  easy to use, introduction to piano and music theory. We will be  continuing to use it.

Leah, As We Walk Along The Road

It puts a lot of emphasis on improvisation, which is something that sets it apart from other programs out there.

Kelly, KGB That’s Me!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a child or an adult; this program is designed for people of all ages and skill levels.

Brandi, Brandi Raae For His Glory

The best part about it is that you can pay one fee and own it for life and teach 5 students at a time.

Lori, Special Connection Homeschool

As a parent, I have found this to be an amazing program.  You do not need to have a musical background, there is very limited preparation (With books 1-3 there is a printable book resource) and you don’t have to travel to music lessons! I also think the price of this program is awesome. You could spend thousands of dollars on private lessons over 2-3 years and for just $299, you can purchase this program which covers everything you would learn in those 2-3 years and have the flexibility of completing it in your own home.

Stacey, A Moment in Our World

The creative side of my children is also being trained as they are continuing on with their lessons. They are encouraged to vocalize and improvise.

Christine, The Mommy Journey

I think many families who are wavering on whether or not to get piano lessons for their children would benefit from this program. With the ability to have up to five students per subscription, you could learn a lot about your students’ musical stick-to-itiveness without breaking the budget.

Carol, Home Sweet Life

Willie is accomplished as both a performer and teacher with thousands of students around the globe.

Laura, Day by Day in Our World

After seriously neglecting any kind of piano practice for years, I’m really enjoying my lessons and practicing new techniques.

Debbie, Debbie’s Homeschool Corner

While this piano program was created with homeschool students in mind, I believe students in public school or even adults would benefit from these videos.

Kristan, Munchkin and Bean

HomeschoolPiano is a great product. One thing that stood out for me was that Willie isn’t teaching how to play a certain song to ‘memorize’ it. He is teaching his students how to play the piano in a way that will allow for a great deal of growth and creativity from the player through the long haul.

Heather, A Nurse’s Wildflowers

Willie is a good teacher, and it’s nice that we’re able to do lessons on our schedule.  Having the ability to check their progress from anywhere is very beneficial…we will continue with HomeSchoolPiano lessons.  It sure is convenient!

Courtney, The Classical Circus

The customer service for HomeSchoolPiano is excellent!

Amy, Homegrown Hatfields

One of the first things that I really liked about HomeSchoolPiano was that the subscription is a lifetime subscription AND you do not have to chose one level, you get access to all of the levels…being able to view the lessons on a mobile device such as  tablet is a great feature.  You can see everything the instructor is doing on the screen including every note played and labeled. When you start at the core piano level, you are really taught everything right from the beginning, no prior knowledge is needed.  It is just as if you are bringing an instructor right into your home.

Lisa, The Happy Homeschool Mom

Our opinion of HomeSchoolPiano is that if you want to give yourself or your children piano lessons ~ this is THE way to go!

Jenn, Teaching Two Stinkers

I don’t have to drive anywhere. I don’t have to pay for 30-45 minute weekly lessons with a teacher I don’t know – with lessons that seem to consist of too much time wasted with checking answers in workbooks than teaching.

Jennifer, Royal Little Lambs

I love that so many different aspects of music are included all in one package.

Crystal, Crystal’s Tiny Treasures

I liked their approach.  I liked the pace.  I liked the content.  I liked that they taught more than just reading music.  I loved the ease of being able to take lessons whenever we wanted.

Kayla, Shut The Fridge

Willie is an enthusiastic instructor who teaches clearly and in a manner that children can understand, yet adults will appreciate as well.

Dusty, To the Moon and Back


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