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Unit 1

All major and minor 5-finger scales in all 12 keys, introducing triplets, finding chord symbols, determining the root of the chord, G blues scale, new licks. Bonus: Changes to the accompaniment: R5 bassline, R7 chord shells. Improvisation over the created bassline. Song: Zoeie’s Bop

Unit 2

R5, R6, R7 chord arpeggios, style markings, triplets and syncopated rhythms, 12-bar blues in G with bassline and chords, blues notes, sliding and crushing, creating blues licks over bass pattern. Bonus: More advanced bassline pattern. Play new pattern with melody and chords. Song: Ben’s Blues

Unit 3

R7 chord pattern with the octave in all 12 keys, vocalizing rhythms that tie into other rhythms, complete F blues scale licks over R7 bassline, how to create a 12-bar blues improvisation. Bonus: Comping 7th (block) chords in the right hand along with bassline. Song: Kerry’s (Chicken Pox) Blues

Unit 4

Broken triads C, F and G with rhythm in all inversions, Latin music introduction, subdivision method of rhythmic vocalization, montuno rhythmic pattern with quarter note and half note pulse; broken chords and melodic phrases. Bonus: How to create your own montuno patterns. Song: Montuno Man

Unit 5

R-5-R patterns in the left hand, how to create a chord progression, applying this new bass pattern to a chord progression that you create, using the pedals of the piano, ballad style, introducing diatonic chords and how to create an improvisation using only the F major scale, roman numeral chord analysis. Bonus: Creating an active left and right hand pattern using R-5-R bass accompaniment and chords in the right hand. Song: Finally Summer

Unit 6

Full triad arpeggios on D, A, Bmin and G, Rock piano style, how to move the pinky with the rest of the hands for better technique, introducing voice leading, moving between triad inversions, diatonic in the key of D, analysis of the chords, creating an improvisation using chord tones and the D major scale. Bonus: where to go from here! Song: Rockin’ in D