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Unit 1

Focus on the left-hand bassline and left hand exercise, building left hand finger independence, finding upbeats in a measure, endings, melodic and rhythmic embellishment. Bonus: Improvisation over major and minor bassline pattern using pentatonic fragments, notes from the melody. C major and minor triads, sliding to create a bluesy sound. Song: Little Willie’s Strut

Unit 2

Left hand oom-pah accompaniment pattern, broken chords, three ways to see syncopated rhythms, broken chords C, F and G, improvisation using broken chords. Bonus: Mixing together songs Little Willie’s Strut and Blues For You. Song: Blues for You

Unit 3

Full C major scale, blocking technique for the major scale, vocalizing mixed syncopated rhythms, accompaniment patterns: triads, bassline and omm-pahs, new chords Dmin, A and G7 (dominant 7th chords), improvisation over triads. Bonus: Creating a contemporary arrangement using chords in the right hand and octaves in the left. Song: Dustin’s Dad Man

Unit 4

Alternating between left and right hand syncopated rhythms, new minor bassline accompaniment, chord symbols Amin7, F7 and E7, introduction of A harmonic minor scale, complete A blues scale, vamp and improvisation springboards, harmonic minor and blues scale blocks. Bonus: Call-and-response improvisation. Head-solo-head soloing. Song: Kimmy’s So Cool

Unit 5

Different methods to create a triad, inversions of triads, arpeggiating triads, left and right hand syncopated rhythms, triads and melody in the right hand, active left hand bassline, comping chords along with a steady bassline. Bonus: Improvising over the improvisation section bassline using licks and lines. Song: Wonka Walk

Unit 6

R-5-R left hand accompaniment patterns, two-hand rhythms, introducing style markings, moving between a minor and major key, staccato left hand, D.C. al Coda, D harmonic minor scale improvisation over R-5-R bassline. Bonus: Playing triads in inversions along with R-5-R bassline. Song: Mr. Fuzzems