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Level 1

Designed for the absolute beginner to the piano, featuring six original pieces that are fun to play and practice. You’ll learn how to read music, improvise and create your own music. Each unit improves your piano skills with graded quizzes.

Unit 1

You’ll learn how to properly grab at the piano keys, quarter notes and rests, rhythmic vocalization, dynamics piano, mezzo-forte and forte, how to improvise using licks. Bonus: F major 5-finger scale, complete F major scale. F major and minor triads. Song: Steady Fred

Unit 2

5-finger pattern in C, dotted note explanation, dotted half note and half rest, stepping on the staff, using chords in your improvisation. Bonus: Focus on accompaniment. Introducing the steady bassline with simple licks in the right hand. Song: Cool Connor

Unit 3

5-finger C minor scale, eighth notes, R5 chord patterns, incorporating eighth notes and C minor partial pentatonic scale. Bonus: The full C minor pentatonic scale and scale blocks. Song: Eeka’s Bouncin

Unit 4

5-finger C blues scale with drums hands together, eighth rests and upbeats, steady bassline accompaniment, licks using partial C minor pentatonic and 5-finger blues scales. Bonus: Improvising over the steady bassline. 3 improvisation exercises. Song: Frisko The Disco

Unit 5

C major scale hands together, C blues scale with bassline, syncopated rhythm, creating licks from rhythmic blocks, bass accompaniment pattern in major. Bonus: C major pentatonic scale and lick. C major scale with bassline accompaniment. Song: Wacky Men

Unit 6

Major and minor 5-finger scale in A, the A major triad, using the breath for rests, bassline in A minor, playing licks along with a steady bassline. Bonus: Minor flowing piano pattern. Song: Sneaky Sue